Stylist Lisa L. Martinez has a varied resume of styling endeavors. She started years ago styling and recycling vintage fashions into a successful business. Her online store, “Sweeties Vintage,” is still going strong. Her eye for fashion and vintage appeal landed her many styling gigs that range from magazine covers to music videos. Working with Italian superstar “Jovanotti” for the cover of Rolling Stone Italy was a highlight. “I used a sharpie to draw on a white tee shirt that made the cover!” Her whimsical approach to fashion is what sets her apart.

Chloe Chaidez, front woman of the band Kitten, quotes, “ I worked with this stylist, Lisa L. Martinez. She is so fabulous, and I love working with her. Her closet is a dream. She has everything from ‘70s Chanel jumpsuits to ‘80s prom dresses. To sum it up: she certainly dresses the part.”

Martinez continues to rack up her resume by adding short films to the list. “I recently did the wardrobe for this Anti drug movie. Using a mix of modern day grunge and vintage furs to complete the different character’s looks was so rewarding.”

Living in Los Angeles, Martinez keeps up with the fashion scene and what is trending without giving into it. “Getting that desired image and emotion from a look is an exceptionally fun challenge that I live for!”